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Schedule Change

May 25, 2017


A month ago I made the decision that I needed to slow down on the amount of yoga I was teaching. I had started to feel scattered with the fullness of my schedule and my body was definitely letting me know it needed more space for self-care. As such I made the decision to let go of the classes I was teaching at Oxygen Yoga in West Kelowna as they were the furthest away, and as such took a lot more time with commuting and the heat was starting to not serve me as the world warmed up. For those of you who practiced with me there, perhaps I will return in the fall. I do hope to offer workshops there as well. 


My new schedule moving forward:



7:00pm - Restorative at Starlit Yoga in Penticton



10:30am - Compassionate Flow at Startlit Yoga 

6:45pm - Restorative at Main St. Yoga in Summerland



1:00pm - Chakra Yoga at Starlit Yoga



9:00am - Compassionate Flow at Starlit Yoga



2:30pm - Women's Only Gentle Flow at Summerland Women's Fitness

4:45pm - Flow and Restore at Penticton Recreation

6:45pm - Restorative Yoga at Main St. Yoga


Friday (every other)

9:00am - Gentle Yoga at Starlit Yoga



9:15am - Compassionate Flow at Main St. Yoga


Good news is you can still practice with me 7 days a week (at least every other week as I share the Friday class). I also hope that this opening in my schedule gives me more space to offer private yoga classes, Reiki sessions and mindful nutrition. I adore working one-on-one or in small groups and I see this change in my schedule leaving me more energy to focus on this. 


See you on the mat!

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