Aroma Yoga

April 24, 2017


Yesterday I had the pleasure to teach a 2hr Aroma Yoga class with nine yogi's. It was really lovely to share essential oils while guiding the group through gentle twists, long holds and a deep long rest. I can not wait to offer this style of class again!


Over the past couple of months I have been surprised by how powerful essential oils are in my own yoga practice. I noticed this profoundly in the yoga class yesterday. After guiding them using oils that were meant for grounding, connection and internal awareness I offered Geranium, the oil of of love and trust, and instantly the mood rose on the class and friendly chatter started. It was amazing to see a shift from grounded, serious and focused to light and airy within a few moments of the oil being offered. Super cool. 


In my practice, I have found oils to be very supportive for my mood. I will often incorporate oils when I am working on my balancing poses (cedarwood and vetiver seem to be my go to's there), and I have been diffusing citrus oils when I am challenging myself in poses that cause my mind to start doubting. 


The doTERRA essential oils have also been making their way into my day to day life. I've been using Clary Calm to support me when I am close to menstruation to help with mood and cramps. I have been using Deep Blue to help with some muscle tension in my back. And so many others the list would grow much too large for this space. For me the oils are something that help me to feel like I am taking care of me. It is a touch of self-care that helps me to feel nurtured. 


If you are curious about essential oils, I'd love to tell you more. Let's get a coffee and see how oils can support you, your yoga practice, or your wellbeing. 


You can find out more about doTERRA oils through

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