First week with essential oils

March 5, 2017


I have always been someone who has dabbled in different alternative therapies, meal plans, supplements and exercises. I enjoy the process of trying things out and seeing how my body feels to see what works and what doesn't. I am grateful that I have had a strong awareness of my body, it's likes and dislikes, and as such can know when things are serving me and when they are not. Unfortunately, I haven't always listened and this has been where a lot of my challenges with my health over my lifetime have come from. Thankfully, as someone who learns from mistakes, I am doing better at saying no thank you to the things and products that I don't do well with, rather than taking them anyways and suffering the consequences.


Sensitivities to certain foods, sugars, chemicals, and skin care products means that there are a lot of things that I avoid. I don't avoid them because they are 'bad' but rather because I have strong reactions to them. Sometimes things that have usually been okay take a sudden turn into another product or food that I need to avoid. For example, ice cream. Ice cream is something that I enjoy greatly, but unfortunately it doesn't do well with my ability to process the sugar. A bowl of ice cream can lead to really bad aches and spasms in my legs, being extremely teary and irritable. When I feel into this, I had thought it was the preservatives in most store bought ice creams and started buying some of the less processed varieties. For a while a certain, more expensive with less additives brand, was totally okay. Yet the last time I had it I found myself in tears, feeling hopeless, and with really bad leg cramping. This is my experience now, and has been for much of my life. It isn't just treats, like ice cream, but also some deep fried foods, certain types of bread (I believe due to the yeasts used). What my list of foods and products share in common is that they tend to be highly processed. This is good in that it promotes more whole food eating, but can be really challenging when I eat out at restaurants, want a treat, or am eating with friends as I need to check ingredient lists in even things like salad dressings. 

In sharing this I want to preface my dabbling into oils with the awareness that I don't go into things lightly, particularly when there are concerns about additives and the purity. Through my research into oils over the last few months and looking to incorporate them back into my life (I used a rollerball of lavender and mint as a teenager to help with migraines and often used the old candle with water and oil as an alternative to incense which often caused the migraines), I found that the doTERRA brand is really up front about what is included in the oils, where they are harvested and their quality standards. This coupled with a good wholesale program is why I chose to go this route. I am also someone who needs to make sure that anything I am introducing into my environment isn't going to come with the potential to set off a reaction. So far with this first week of playing, all is good. 


To start my exploration I did muscle testing with the oils that came in my first order to see which would be best for me to start with. Muscle testing is a process of holding an item and asking "does this serve me" while using your other hand to determine whether your body responds well. It is one of the more woo woo methods I use to determine what to play with, but for me it has worked well in reducing and eliminating my reactions. There were a few oils in the muscle testing that jumped out as ones that I should start with. One that stood out was the Smart & Sassy blend that had come as an addition to my starter pack. This blend is meant to help with hunger cravings and so I thought it would be interesting to start there. I added a few drops to my water, at first adding too many and having to back off a little bit. The flavour is citrusy and refreshing. The first day drinking I had very little interest in food. In fact, I knew I should eat but wasn't too hungry. This to me was an indicator that I was putting a bit too much in, but I could imagine this would be really helpful at a time when you are cleansing or fasting, neither of which I am currently doing. I have been drinking a drop or two in my 32 oz of water and am enjoying the clean taste to the water. So far it is a win. 


I have also been enjoying lavender on my feet at bedtime to help with sleep. I have been having intermittent insomnia for the last two weeks. Lots of mornings where I wake up very early and don't get back to sleep. I have noticed that the lavender has helped to quiet some of that internal chatter and create a bit more calm at night. Lavender is also good with anxiety, which I am prone to, so I look forward to exploring this oils benefits more. 


My first week with oils has been interesting. I am finding myself thinking, "I am grumpy, what should I diffuse to help?" instead of feeding the grumpiness with foods that tend to make me even more grumpy - sugars and fried foods. I will continue to share my experiences, but know that my experiences are likely not to be the same as yours. We all react differently, need different supportive tools, and this is where muscle testing can be really beneficial. If you are curious about oils I'd love to chat more and see if there is something that might support you. I for now am having a lot of fun trying something new, supporting my health in a different way, and continue to work on stopping some of my habitual behaviours towards things that do not serve me. 


If you are curious about doTERRA oils you can explore the pricing and the oils benefits through my wholesale page at

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