Yoga and Aromatherapy Training

February 21, 2017


This past weekend I participated in Yoga and Aromatherapy Training with 11 other amazing yogi's at Starlit Yoga. It was put on by Lou of Mandala Essentials, you can learn more at: Yoga Essentials


I find it hard to describe how much I learned and how impactful this training was this weekend. We started each day with a strong asana practice that incorporated oils to enhance the experience. I felt fully supported in challenging my body in ways I don't usually and it was all done with light hearted spirit. The yogi's who attended, many of whom knew each other from past trainings, were all there to share in experience and I feel that this benefited my experience as it felt like a family reunion. I have been feeling a touch under the weather and needed a weekend where I felt that space was being held for me - this came in spades.


Aroma is strongly linked to nostalgia and memory. I can think of countless times where I have smelled something and been transported in time. It can soothe, agitate, inspire and relax. During the training I learned a lot about how essential oils are made, differences in quality, how they react differently with the body than fragrances do, and how they can be used in practice. I have a few books and oils on the way to start playing with in my own practice to build the confidence to bring it into my teaching. 


I had decided to take the training because aromatherapy has brought benefit into my life in the past, through help with migraines as a teenager, but I had largely fallen out of awareness when I started to become more scent sensitive. I had incorrectly assumed that all scents were created equal, I learned this is not the case. 


As someone who is sensitive to fragrance, I have omitted scent from my life for quite a number of years. I do not wear deodorants nor perfumes, I use scent free soaps and low scent shampoo. Probably the most smelly part of my life is my dish soap which took me and my partner about 15 minutes to decide which was least offensive. This weekend, in being around a lot of different scents, I didn't experience any overwhelm, headache or aversion. There were a few scents that I didn't have preference for, but it was more about how it made me feel emotionally rather than physically. 


I see huge benefit to bringing oils into my practice and teaching, in particular the chakra yoga classes. I could see the ways that the essential oils helped me to deepen my practice this weekend and I look forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks and months as I explore using oils more in my practice, with yoga students and Reiki clients. 


The essential oils that I have ordered are from dōTERRA as through researching their sourcing and quality control I was impressed with the company and their ethics. If you'd like to learn more I have signed up as a Wellness Advocate and you can purchase through me at


If you are curious to know more I'd love to chat with you. This is all very new to me, but I will for sure be sharing my experiences as I delve into this new holistic therapy. 


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