One month intention reflection

February 2, 2017


It is one month into 2017. I was reflecting today on the many changes that occurred in January and marvelling at how quickly this month has passed. 


In January, I had the opportunity to teach 50 classes and one workshop. I have met a lot of new students teaching from West Kelowna to Okanagan Falls. I had the privilege of assisting in the admin and website of a new studio and am loving how things are unfolding.


I tried my best to lay myself bare, say yes to opportunities that were being presented to me and put my complete heart into my teaching. My personal practice has been seeing tremendous growth as I show up for myself daily, attend more classes and challenge my body in the poses that stir up the most fear.


My vulnerability is bringing abundance. I have asked for help, offered help, and been open to surrendering to the whole experience. The abundance of appreciation, creativity, and opportunity is more than I expected 3 weeks into making a go at being a "full time" teacher. 


Despite this feeling of abundance, or perhaps because of it, fear is creeping in. I am being presented with the opportunities to face my learned limiting beliefs that I am not worthy of success and happiness. I am getting to practice my yoga on a deeper level. So much more is at stake, and I am loving it. 


I am full of gratitude that this is my path. By getting onto my mat, by writing, by dreaming of all the possibilities, I am showing up for myself in ways more intimate than ever before. I'm becoming a better friend for myself. 


The quote I've included here is from the Asaro Tribe of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It struck me greatly hearing it in a popular TV Show that I quickly googled it to find a source. In my body lives all my knowledge. I move in order to more deeply connect. I sit in silence to invite it to make itself know. We know our world more for having lived within it. For experiencing it viscerally in the self. 


In gratitude I reflect, what an awesome month it was. I intend to continue to be vulnerable, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, to see what can happen next. 



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