What is Chakra Yoga?

January 14, 2017

I have been promoting upcoming classes and workshops in Chakra Yoga and often have people ask me what exactly this is. Essentially the 30 second elevator talk is that Chakra yoga focuses breath work (pranayama) and postures (asana) to stimulate energy and sensation in the specific chakra it is targeting.


What is a chakra? The chakra system is a series of seven energy centres that are located in the body much as the picture to the left depicts. These energy centres are believed to be connected to different colours, tones, qualities, and drives. As we move through yoga postures we are targeting not only the physical body but also the many layers of self. In chakra yoga we are tuning in more to our energetic layer. Tingling, buzzing, pulsation etc. is often linked to the energy body. This energy body can be thought of as increased blood flood, increased oxygenation of blood, or prana, chi or qi in the body.


For me, chakra yoga allows for greater tuning in and opening of my body. By focusing not just on my chest lifting but my heart opening I can find greater space in my backbends. By feeling the rooting down of my feet into the earth I can greater lift and length to my body rising up.


My understanding of the chakra system comes from a lot of self-study, from experiential learning as a Reiki Master, and through books and in-person study with Anodea Judith. 


I am offering a 3-hr workshop on Saturday, January 21st starting at 1pm at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness in Westbank. The workshop costs $40 for members (those with passes at the studio) or $45 for non-members.


In the workshop we will be learning about the chakra system, what it is, and how tuning in to it can benefit our practice and our wellbeing. We will then explore each chakra, learning it's location, sanskrit name, colour, sound and qualities. Then we will be taking the time to move and feel into the body to open, build or release energy, and feel into the chakra. There will be time for questions as we explore and experience the energetic body. 


After the workshop there will be an 8-class series offered. We had planned for it to be mornings, but in listening to members have decided to move the class to Friday evening, 5:30-6:30pm. You do not need to attend all 8 sessions to gain benefit. Members can use their passes to attend this class. Non-members can pay $120 for both the workshop and 8-week series or the regular drop-in fee. 


I am super excited to offer this learning in West Kelowna. 


For those of you in the South Okanagan I will be offering this workshop again in Summerland on February 25th at Main St. Yoga for $45. I am also offering regular chakra yoga classes in Penticton on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm at Starlit Yoga


For those who wish to delve deeper I also offer Reiki Energy Healing either at my home, or in yours. I charge $45 for a session. 


Any questions, please be in touch! Email uprisingholistics@gmail.com or phone 250-488-5780. 


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