New intentions

January 10, 2017


I had set the intention to accept that which I resist. I was thinking about this concept of being open to new things, to new experiences. Then, a big thing happened, and I have suddenly found myself completely self-employed. 

This is a good thing. I see that and was ready for the shift to happen. However, with this change feelings of fear have come to the surface. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear. 

I can see now how the fear of taking the risk has held me back from reaching out. From promoting the things I am confident in. From trying to trust that my light was shining bright enough when at times I could feel myself holding back. 

I think a new intention has been brought forward. Vulnerability brings Abundance. I am going to lay myself bare. I am going to honour my light. I am going to continue to support and honour those who arrive on the mat to practice with me. 

Big leap for 2017. I am excited, and scared, of where it will all unfold to next! 

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