The week of Nine, plus one.

October 2, 2016

This week is the week of nine, plus one. I had nine scheduled classes, and ended up subbing one extra. It had me teaching in an infrared studio in heat for the first time. Had me leading four classes in one day, and it had me still filling my life with lots of other goodness. My body, mind and soul are tired, but my heart is singing.


I have been someone who has rolled her eyes in the past when someone would say "it's such a privilege" but after this week I am totally feeling that. I have met lots of cool new people, led everything from super gentle to strong and powerful classes and feel so grateful for each person who has offered me their trust to lead them.


I have also been connecting with an amazing organization, The Yoga and Body Image Coalition as a social media intern. Being immersed in so many body positive conversations, instagram posts and online articles has inspired me to bring more work in compassion and body love into my classes this week. I am full to the brim with yoga and am loving it.


It still amazes me that I have come so far, from someone who struggled being seen, to someone who can stand in front a room in skin tight clothing and say "look at me". The positive influence that yoga has had an all aspects of my life has never been so apparent as it has been this week. What gratitude I have for this body that moves, this breath that breathes, and my mind that watches. Loving this.


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