Urban Homesteading

June 28, 2016

 I am a pet person. I grew up with cats, as many as seven at one point, and even had three bearded dragons for a while. I had always had a pet, until I met my partner who helped to get me out of my comfort zone and inspired a few years of travelling. Once we landed in the Okanagan I really wanted pets again and my partner has severe allergies so a furry or feathered friend wasn't a possibility. At least until last year when we welcomed a little flock of ladies (chickens) into our lives. 


I had never thought they would have so much personality and that I would love them as much as I do. The best part of it, is that all my love and care results in amazing tasting eggs. The nourishment that comes from the eggs is much more than the amino acids and complete protein profile. It is almost as if I can taste the care that I give them in the nourishment they give me. 


Yoga has taught me that feeding my body with healthy, loving foods, is extremely important. This is the part of my yoga practice that I struggle with the most. As an emotional eater I tend to make poor choices of food, particularly those that trigger me, when I feel stressed or anxious. This in turn results in more stress and anxiety. I offer myself compassion when I choose food that don't serve me, and try my best to offer self-love rather than judgement when I could have done better.


I recently let go of 20 lbs that were no longer serving me by treating myself with love and compassion. The more I get onto my mat, the more I feel this love for my body grow. It is a work in progress, but I am getting there. Thankfully my ladies are helping me with this task. 


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