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July 27, 2015



Perhaps when someone mentions yoga to you, you get images of slender bodies contorted into pretzels. For many people, it is the belief that yoga is for people already flexible and thin, that keeps them from trying yoga in a studio. I often hear from people that they feel they can’t do yoga due to an injury or limitation of their body, however this is not the case.

I am a trained Kripalu yoga instructor. Kripalu is a style of yoga that focuses on finding breath through movement. The emphasis is on using the postures, or asana, to go inwards, rather than on pushing your body into poses. Although it can be a very powerful practice, my style of teaching tends to be a slow flow, giving you time and space to explore both the mental and physical parts of the practice.  

The greatest benefit that I have found from my yoga practice is an increased awareness of the stresses I carry from day to day in my physical body. My time on the mat is a time of letting go and rebelling against the ‘cult of busy’ that threatens my calmness. The physical wellbeing that comes with this mental/emotional calmness is a welcome side effect of my practice.

Kripalu yoga is very beneficial for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. I offer both private and small group yoga classes.

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