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About Me

Compassionate flow and restorative yoga guide. Reiki energy practitioner. Trained in the Kripalu tradition of yoga. Leading small groups to find strength, self-compassion, and connection through movement, breath and energy.

November 17, 2016

When I shifted to this website I set the intention to write one post every week. To explore the world of yoga through my eyes, reflect on classes and discuss the practice. 

I haven't done that. It hasn't been due to time, commitment, topics or want. It has been due to d...

October 10, 2016

I have, in the past, said that hot yoga "wasn't for me". I had attended a couple of classes, and had practiced in the heat in India and had determined that there was just no way that my body would feel good doing yoga in the heat.

Then this summer I saw a posting for a...

September 8, 2016

When I decided to take yoga teacher training I wasn't sure that I would feel comfortable teaching or leading classes. In particular when I started training I came up against a lot of mental barriers and limitations that brought up feelings of inadequacy and judgement....

August 26, 2016

Lately, I have been considering how my approach to leading a class is informed through my embodied experiences of the teachers I have encountered. As someone who still is challenged by a mistrust in my body, it's abilities and strengths, I aim to lead classes that are...

August 21, 2016

 Ground down, root, in order to rise up. Feel the energetic connection to the earth, and to the sky. How amazing it is to have a beautiful space to guide self awareness. How grateful I am to have been able to be here, with feet on the ground, with wind in the trees, an...

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Compassionate flow, restorative and Kripalu yoga guide.

I am passionate about teaching, leading, and supporting others in their practice. Each time I arrive on my mat I find strength in the vulnerability of my breath and my movement. When a fellow practioner chooses to share their practice with me, allowing me to guide them and support them, I feel honoured and humbled. 

I do not strive to be a guru on the mat, or to pretend to have it all together or that I have the answers. This is my practice as well. But as a guide I lead a safe, gentle, intuitive practice so that the students learn to connect with their inner wisdom, the inner guru to enhance their practice by listening to the messages from their body. To find compassion and curiousity for what is arriving with them on the mat that day. 

Each day on my mat I find a new aspect of the Self to work with. I hope you join me to explore your own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wisdom. 



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